Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…

If you were alive in 70’s, you might remember that song.  It was by the Five Man Electrical Band, the song’s name was actually “Signs”.  I suppose that with satellite radio, you don’t even have to have been around in the 70’s to be familiar with the song.  Some of the stations are far reaching, digging up memory after memory with some long forgotten tunes.

I’m a little obsessed with signs, not the regular mass produced, state installed signs, but ones that have character.  Old signs, ones that are weathered and if they could talk, would tell a multitude of stories.  I really really like signs that you see (usually in pictures) that is a pole with many different boards in many different colors and directions with destinations, arrows and sometimes the distance in miles painted next to the name of the town.  I plan to make one for my backyard that lists cities I’ve visited complete with mileage.

In the mean time, here are some signs I’ve painted and given as gifts.  They are not perfect and look kind of weathered.


This sign was painted on a drawer front.  I found it still in it’s wrapper at a thrift store.  I used some water putty on the front to give it an aged look.  If you haven’t played with water putty, you should.  You can get it at the home improvement stores, it’s not expensive and very versatile.


One of the recipient’s favorite words!


A nickname.


Another nickname.


This, and a few of the other boards were from forms when they poured our driveway.  I saved some of the better boards, concrete and all, but didn’t know what I’d do with them at the time.  As it turns out, when you have something rough on the board and you paint over it, then take it and rub it on the rough driveway, some of it comes off and makes a nice aged look.  Live and learn…


This was for a friend who went out of his way to pick my suitcase up from the airport after it didn’t arrive when I did, and brought it to me.  This saved me a whole day of driving because the airport is not close to where I was staying.  It was around Christmas time, so I painted this with the year they married and stuck it on their doorstep.

In making these, I usually use my Cricut to cut out the letters, but obviously you can also freehand them too.

Do you like signs?  If you’re not a sign maker, what is a sign you’d like own?

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