Happy Harvest Sign Made From Recycled Wood


Does anyone else like shopping at the hardware store?  It’s like a art supply store to me.

This Happy Harvest sign was made with old wood, Water Putty and Re-bar Wire, oh and a little paint.


Water Putty is a fun thing to play around with.  It’s real purpose is patching wood, but I’ve never used it for that.  Usually I use it in molds, but I have also used it to cover the surface of a collage project.  I’ve used it over the last several years and it’s hard to remember what all I’ve used it for.  It’s fun though, you should give it a try.


You mix it up according to the label instructions, but it basically is like pancake batter, or a little thinner.  It’s not necessary to be that precise.


Let it cure over night and then pop it out of the mold.  I didn’t use any release.



I used outdoor acrylic paint so it could be put outside.



Using my Cricut, I cut out the text and placed the letters on the board, this makes it easier to have an accurate alignment when you lay the stencil part down.  I spray the back of my stencil with spray adhesive and let it cure a bit so it will come off my project.  Then I lightly lay it over the letters so I have the placement the same as with the letters, then stick one edge down and move the letters completely out.  Then you are ready to paint.


I use a sponge and use an up and down motion so it doesn’t get under the stencil.  When I was finished and it was dry, I used a paint pen to do the shadows.



What have been some of your fabulous hardware store finds??

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  1. Sharon Jacksic Garreau (Over yonder) says:

    That is very cool! I love decorating my home in rustic .. and that’s right up my alley.


  2. That looks SO great! I especially love the flower!
    Kristen from The Road to Domestication recently posted…Weekly Chore List PrintableMy Profile


  3. Cute sign! I love checking out hardware stores for fun projects and decorations. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai
    Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai recently posted…Pumpkin Season Is Back!My Profile


  4. I love the hardware store! I’ve never heard of water putty, that’d be fun to see more of the projects you’ve done with it. This sign turned out great. I love the shadow you put on the words. I need to start busting out my fall decorations soon and make some more!
    Rochelle recently posted…In Defense of Dumb BloggersMy Profile


  5. That’s a beautiful sign and I love the step by step instructions. I still won’t be able to do it. I don’t have a single crafty bone in my body. Love the photos by the way and you did an awesome job!
    Growing Up Madison recently posted…Take the Pledge and Buckle Up For Safety With GracoMy Profile


  6. Thank you Sharon! I love rustic, I’m definitely not a roses and lace kind of gal and I don’t like everything matchey matchey. I like a more eclectic style. 🙂
    Vee recently posted…Happy Harvest Sign Made From Recycled WoodMy Profile


  7. Thanks Kristen! I’m sure rustic isn’t your style… but I’m glad you liked the flower. 🙂
    Vee recently posted…Happy Harvest Sign Made From Recycled WoodMy Profile


  8. Thank you! You kind of have to have an artistic eye to shop at hardware stores for things that might be used in a different way than they might be meant for.
    Vee recently posted…Happy Harvest Sign Made From Recycled WoodMy Profile


  9. Thanks Rochelle! Yes, you better get those decorations out or you won’t be able to enjoy them for very long!! I’ve had mine out for at least a week, maybe more.
    I’ll try to post more projects I’ve done with Water Putty, thanks for having an interest.
    Vee recently posted…Happy Harvest Sign Made From Recycled WoodMy Profile


  10. Awww, I don’t believe you don’t have a crafty bone! I think everyone does if they just look for it.
    Thanks for the compliments. It was a fun project to do.
    Vee recently posted…Happy Harvest Sign Made From Recycled WoodMy Profile


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