Tissue Paper Pumpkins on Canvas

Tissue Paper Pumpkins on Canvas

Pumpkin Painting With Tissue Paper DIY

Supplies used:

Spotted and Plain Tissue Paper

Acrylic Paint


Water and Glue Mixture

Charcoal Pencil

This was a fun and easy project.  It is very textural since you layer tissue paper.

Just sketch out your shapes, and glue the tissue paper on rather messy and bumpy.  Paint, shade and blend, then outline.


There have been a few inquiries lately asking about more details for these tissue paper pumpkins on canvas.  This project was done several years ago, but I will try to give the steps as best I remember.

First you need to prime your canvas.  You could do the foreground colors and background colors as the primer (nothing definite because you will collage over them).  This is just getting a little head start on the over all piece as well as priming the surface at the same time, and leaving it lighter in the center of the canvas.

Sketch out the pumpkin shapes after the paint has dried, and then either cut or tear out the shape of your pumpkins and collage them onto the canvas.  This is not an exact science… you can collage, paint, collage paint and create lots of layers (this works especially well if you don’t like what you just did…paint over it and do another layer of tissue).

The background has plain tissue paper and is very lumpy and bumpy from smooshing the tissue paper around and leaving the creases.  The tissue paper on the stems was formed intentionally to give them texture and then after they were painted, some shading was done.
You can thin Elmer’s glue down with water to about 3 parts glue to 1 part water, no fancy decoupage medium is needed.  After it dries a while, you can start shading and painting with acrylics.

A wash of color was done over the pumpkins, the tissue was white with dots on it, but you could use any tissue paper.

Pumpkin Stem Closeup

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Closeup

Pumpkin Stem Closeup

Tissue paper pumpkin stem closeup


Have you ever used tissue paper in an art project?  What did you make?

If you do make this project, I’d love to see what you make!

Thank you for your interest in this tissue paper pumpkin painting.


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  1. So talented and creative! I love the idea of art with tissue paper.. will have plenty leftover after Christmas to try tissue crafts 🙂 Do you make your own canvas? I’ve found it expensive and would love to find a more affordable way. My grandson is quite artistic and I’d love to find ways he could pursue his talent. 🙂
    Kim @ WampumHome recently posted…SEVEN. 7 Things About MeMy Profile


    Vee Reply:

    Yes, probably all of us have leftovers after Christmas… new way of recycling??!!
    No, I don’t make my own canvases. I just get cheap ones here and there.
    As for ideas for your grandson, why not go to the thrift store and get paintings on canvases and just gesso over them?? Or even just white paint, and let him layer his art on top of that. That seems pretty cheap.
    Thanks for your kind comments Kim!!


  2. What a very creative idea. Tissue paper can give a lively texture to the pumpkin. Thanks for sharing.
    Adelien recently posted…When Will Your Children Get Ready?My Profile


  3. This is beautiful! I love this!
    Carli recently posted…Happy Thanksgivukkah—Free Thanksgiving Coloring PagesMy Profile


  4. That is adorable! I have to say, though, I am quite sure that it would not look the same if I did it!
    Bonnie a.k.a. LadyBlogger recently posted…Why Middle Schoolers No Longer Scare MeMy Profile


    Vee Reply:

    Hahaha, you never know till you try!!


  5. This is beautiful! I like how you are so creative. I would never think of something like that. Great job!
    Alicia recently posted…Compose THIS!My Profile


    Vee Reply:

    Thank you Alicia! I had an artist friend that did a painting along with me. She’d done it before, I hadn’t. Loved how it turned out.


  6. Debra Carter says:

    I really love this painting. I want to try this do you just use blue tissue paper for over half picture then green for bottom. What type of glue? Then different colors for pumpkins .


  7. Kathie Harnden says:

    I love this project. Would love to do it with my fifth grade class. Do you sketch out your pumpkins on your canvas first , Then layer the tissue over the whole canvas. Then cut and glue out the pumpkins out of spotted tissue and glue on top of canvas,dry then paint acrylics on top ? Just want to make sure I have the steps down right.

    Thank you ,
    Kathie Harnden


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    HarriettX recently posted…HarriettXMy Profile


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