Antique Milk Crate Footstool

Antique Milk Crate Footstool

I found this antique milk crate and couldn’t resist bringing it home with me. I knew it was destined to be a footstool because I’d been wanting one to put in front of one of our chairs, so in it’s second life, it is has become an antique milk crate footstool.  It even came equipped with mud inside.  Makes you wonder how many places this milk crate has lived or visited in it’s 50 plus years.  You can see 59 on the front right side which designates the year.  You’re a long way from Toledo baby!!

As you scroll down, you will see the steps I used to create the footstool, as well as a blunder along the way.

Antique Milk Crate Upcycled Footstool

An antique milk crate upcycled into foot stool

Antique Milk Crate Footstool

Antique Milk Crate

Antique Milk CrateThese are some of the tools I used.  After starting the project, I realized I need a few more things; one was a can of spray adhesive, a piece of scrapbook paper, and some small nails.  The staple gun didn’t work out too well, so I went with small nails.  You will need to cut a piece of wood to the specific size of your milk crate, and since this one had tabs on the corners, we cut holes to accommodate them and not cut them off.

The top is removable, and the inside could be used for storage as well.

Antique Milk CrateFirst, trace off the piece of wood that has been cut to size you need for your milk crate.

Antique Milk CrateAn electric knife makes it such an easy job, but you can use a serrated knife if you don’t have one.

Antique Milk Crate

Obviously, foam comes in different thicknesses and you can get the thickness that appeals to you.  Just give yourself adequate fabric to pull up the sides and a couple inches to spare so it can be tacked down across what will be the bottom.

Antique Milk CrateAntique Milk CrateAntique Milk CrateWe decided to use spray adhesive on the wood, but when it was all said and done, my helper (who shall remain nameless 🙂 ) had sprayed it onto the wrong side, so we decided to put a piece of scrapbook paper over the center portion of the board.  The fact that there was spray adhesive on the board worked out well when pulling the fabric up to staple.

Antique Milk CrateAntique Milk Crate FootstoolPull up the middle of each side and secure before moving on to anything else.

Antique Milk Crate FootstoolPull tight and tack down the edges before folding over the corners.

Antique Milk Crate FootstoolFind the holes in the wood and cut out the fabric so it will fit over the metal pieces that stick up from the crate.  You can see the small brass nails we used.  I also put Fray Check around the parts that I cut out so it wouldn’t fray.  Flip it over and place it on your crate… and viola’…

Antique Milk Crate Footstool…you have a custom made antique milk crate footstool!

Upcycled milkcrate repurposed into a foot stool

I have found that I use this quite a lot.  It is handy for feet as well as laptop or reading material.  In the winter time, I scoot it over in front of a heater, and sit on it while checking my email and drinking my morning hot beverage.

What do you think of it’s transformation?


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  1. This is so cute Vee! My favorite part is that your board got sprayed on the wrong side , I guess that worked out to your advantage! So happy you commented on my blog, thanks for your kind words! I am excited to follow you!
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